Thursday, 1 May 2014

Mum and Dad visiting Spain

Okay so this post is very late and so much has happened since then but I still wanted to share this.

So at the start of February when we had been in Spain just over 1 month my parents came out for a long weekend.

As I was living the life of a self employed person I entertained my mum and dad the first couple of days whilst Drew had to work (haha). On the first day we took a trip to Málaga and since Drew and I had been a couple of weeks before I felt like I knew the city so took the parents on a mini tour.


We wondered down to the marina area, which is a must if you are in Málaga, had some drinks and some refreshing frozen yoghurt; which was the best I have ever tasted!

I then took them to visit the Acazaba for a bit of culture before we spent the remainder of the day in bars :)

A good day was had by all and was made even better by a home cooked paella when we returned in the evening!

The next day we stayed in Benalmádena and visited a few of the local sights. First stop was the Buddhist temple which is really interesting and the views from it are just amazing.

Next, after getting slightly lost, we went to Castillo de Colomares which is a tribute to Christopher Columbus. The castle reminds me a sandcastle or something from The Little Mermaid! We had fun exploring the castle and taking photos.

After enjoying a couple of days of glorious sunshine we headed north to Seville for 2 nights - where it rained, no it poured!! We still enjoyed the trip despite the soggy clothes but I definitely want to go back when it's nicer weather.

Oh how I wish I was back enjoying some sunshine in Spain...

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