Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Blog Planning

I think i'm starting to get a hang of this blogging malarkey... I've put together a list of blog post ideas to do over the next few weeks so watch this space!

  • Jerez/Cadiz - I'm going away for a few days to Jerez and Cadiz so will put up a post about this.
  • Tapas - a post full of tasty food to make you hungry!
  • Seville - Planning a trip to Seville with Drew and my parents next week which I can't wait for!
  • Museum of Glass and Crystal (Málaga) - I forgot to mention this lovely wee museum in my Málaga post so I am going to dedicate a whole post to this as it was so interesting.
  • Learning Spanish - hoping to write a post about learning Spanish (which i'm attempting to do!)
  • Zumba! - started going to Zumba here in Spain so will blog about that.
  • Restaurant reviews - we've been to so many good restaurants so I will pick my favourites and do a post on them.
So there you have it, my list so far and no doubt I will think of some more!

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