Monday, 28 July 2014

Walking Chocolate Tour of Edinburgh

A few weeks ago Drew bought me a voucher for a chocolate walking tour of Edinburgh. I was really excited to indulge in tasty treats so went online and booked it for this weekend. As my friend Debbie from back home was coming through for the day I invited her along for lots of yummy chocolate and walking in the rain!

The tour is by a company called Great British Tours and they do a variety of similar walking tours in other cities in the UK. Our tour guide was very friendly and shared interesting facts at each shop. We were also offered 10% discount if we wanted to purchase anything at any of the shops.

The first stop was Hotel Chocolat on Fredrick Street. Here we sampled some truffles, pralines and iced chocolate drinks. Everything was delicious but as this is a shop I can go to any day I didn't buy anything. 

I love the cupcakes at BiBi's but on the tour we were given a pretty big slice of raspberry chocolate brownie which was amazing! I might treat myself to a brownie the next time I am there if I can resist the cupcakes and macarons.

Selfie outside BiBis

Our next stop was Coco Chocolate on Broughton street. I live quite close to this shoo but I've never been before so was excited to try it. As it was raining outside the whole tour group squeezed our way into this little shop. We were treated to a selection of delicious individual chocolates such as sea salt caramels, chocolate cherries and champagne truffles. I think I will hint to Drew to buy me chocolates from this shop if he's feeling generous :)

The Fudge Kitchen on the Royal Mile is a great shop which normally has free samples out to tempt you. I had already planned to make use of the tour discount at this shop so treated myself to a slice of Belgian chocolate swirll fudge and peanut butter fudge - both are delicious!

This shop was my favourite as it was full of traditional Scottish sweets and cute little gifts. They dont take card so with the little cash I had I bought some Scottish tablet and some macaroon. 

I highly suggest popping in if you are in the Royal Mile area of Edinburgh.

All in all a good tour however it is quite expensive if you dont get a 2 for 1 voucher. I also think a lot of the shops give out free samples anyway so if you live in Edinburgh I probably wouldn't bother going on the tour. It is a great way to see some more of the city whist enjoying a 10% discount in all of the shops.

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